Monday, April 17, 2006

Vince Carter - New Jersey Nets

With the NBA playoffs getting into gear, Vince Carter has been having some incredible hi-lites on ESPN's Sports Center and Comcast's "On Demand - NBA Best Plays". VC has been sporting a different look lately and wearing Under Armour" Leggings (just like Dwayne Wade and LeBron James). So that's the custom paint job I wanted to go for.

The McFarlane NBA Series 10 has been out for a couple months now and I've been waiting to get started on this custom paint job! Below is the standard paint job, which already has the looks, incredible attention to details, and VC's signature dunk pose as seen in SLAM magazines.

So the main focus in on adding the black Under Armour, repainting the red head-band/wrist-band to solid white.

Time to start masking away...

I used a black satin finish for the legs. The easiest
part was masking the socks. The toughest part
was masking underneath the shorts.

The Under Armour turned out great, so
onto the head-band/wirst-band.

Here's a closer look before the final coat of
white goes on.

I decided to use a white primer since I wanted to go for a matted look. But the worse thing happened. I thought I had shaken the can good enough, but the primer came out very watery. This caused bleeding onto the face, head, ears and arms...not to mention the headband warpped.

I waited overnight to dry and started cleaning away the unwanted paint. I started with good ol' water and q-tips, but no luck. So I used some eye glass cleaner and toothpicks instead. That seemed to do the trick. In the future, I would invest in the Q-tips from Japan (they have fine point ends).

So here's the finished product.