Thursday, January 19, 2006

I didn't expect to work on this until next week, but I just couldn't wait. I figured I'd experiment with his weapon first...sand it down and start chipping away to give the weathered look, as if it's been dragged through hell. I really liked the outcome so I started working on the rest of the body. I soon sanded the shine off the orange windows and chipped away the paint. Thanks to the peeps on the Kidrobot forum for thier suggestions. Just a great place to chop it up about anything and everything art related.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Just finished doing a color variant on a Maschinen Kriger Chapter3 Kubrick PKW. Wanted to originally go with a dark grey camo because the green camo sold out.

Here's the Chapter 3 set (6 total)

Working on a smaller sized figure is very difficult compared to a 8" Munny. I need to get a smaller, not to mention a BETTER brush. Used the khaki color as a base, then overlayed with dark grey. I was close to making the windows a light green instead, but felt stronger with the orange. What would be a better paint to get a smoother look on the glass, enamel paint? Thanks.

Just recieved some feed back to rough up the orange on glass so I can get a weathered look to match the rest of the body. Besided, sanding it will even out the lumpy layers of paint. To be continued...

Friday, January 13, 2006

Q-bert & Huck Gee's not a custom, but I had a chance to meet the one and only Dj Q-bert and Huck Gee. There was a special signing and performance at the Milk bar in San Francisco last night. Kidrobot played host as they released one of Huck Gee's creations...a special 3" Q-bert Dunny along with a mini QFO. Purchasing lines were unfortunately closed down due to limited supply. Yes, there were that many people packed in like sardines. But Q-bert's performance was well worth it...before you knew it, a couple of his old Invisable Skratch Pikelz homies stopped by...Dj Shortkut and Dj Flare...and man, did they rip it up! Check Kidrobot's site for photos.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Just recieved a vinyl Munny figure for x-mas from my girlfriend this year. It's been 1 week now and it's just been sitting on my shelf...So I ran over to the hardware store to pick up some primer and clear coat. I had 2 designs that I've been looking forward to I started with the easier one that just required 1 color of paint and minimal masking.

Not only am I fan of Bruce Lee, "Game of Death" and "Kill Bill" vol. 1 & 2, but I was also inspired by the "Special Kill Bill Kubrick" (only available with the Japanese DVD set). Considering this was my first custom figure ever...I was still missing one thing..."Patience". Things were going so well, until I pieced the arms and body. The acrylic paint job went down the toilet and was smudged all over.

I was way too anxious and excited because the helmet turned out exactly how I imagined. I ended up sanding down the paint on the body and arms to put the Munny back to it's original least close to.

To be continued...