Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Just finished doing a color variant on a Maschinen Kriger Chapter3 Kubrick PKW. Wanted to originally go with a dark grey camo because the green camo sold out.

Here's the Chapter 3 set (6 total)

Working on a smaller sized figure is very difficult compared to a 8" Munny. I need to get a smaller, not to mention a BETTER brush. Used the khaki color as a base, then overlayed with dark grey. I was close to making the windows a light green instead, but felt stronger with the orange. What would be a better paint to get a smoother look on the glass, enamel paint? Thanks.

Just recieved some feed back to rough up the orange on glass so I can get a weathered look to match the rest of the body. Besided, sanding it will even out the lumpy layers of paint. To be continued...


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